Internet Fax For the Business Traveler

On top of all the other hassles the modern businessperson encounters while traveling for their company, hunting for a fax machine to transmit or receive important documents shouldn’t be one of them. In today’s business environment, business travelers no longer have the option of wasting time locating fax machines and printers when a document must be immediately sent off to a client or business partner. In this age of instant gratification, time is of the essence, and business travelers must be able to send documents whenever and wherever they are. Begin: the revolution of the Internet fax.

Now business travelers can send an Internet fax quickly and easily from any computer with Internet access. A simple log in, upload, and fax number is all that is needed to transmit an Internet fax. It’s that simple. Not only is the document immediately sent with the internet fax to the destination, it’s stored on a computer or archived online for instant access whenever it’s needed in the future. The ability to archive and retrieve internet faxes is critical to traveling business people, as this functionality allows for an unparalleled aspect of accessibility.

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Source : EZinearticles

Our Fax over internet solution is  100% mobile and optimised for most of mobile phones   !

With TooFAX® you send faxes from your email inbox, from our free online service, from your PDA, laptop, Blackberry .. Discover our packs & fax mailing offers, visit our website :

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TooFAX® is a modern & innovative solution of dematerialized Fax, allowing you to receive, and to save Fax by Interne and or by e-mail. From your desktop computer, cell phone, PDA … TooFAX® allows you to fax over 5 continents. TooFAX® is the synthesis between Fax advantages (legal value, speed) and the convenient aspect of the e-mail.

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