How to run an effective fax mailing campaign using Popfax solutions? advices you how to run an effective fax mailing campaign using the just launched fax mailing tool

Most companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing and promoting their brands. That’s why it is important to create an effective campaign that will address your company’s overall business goals.

Given the fact that more than 90% of companies have at least one fax number, and billions of faxes are sent and received annually, it would be a shame to ignore this channel for marketing communication.

Even though fax is a very flexible tool, before conducting a fax mailing campaign, it is necessary to follow a few basic rules:

  1. The message you want to get across should be simple and clear. Encourage prospective clients to act by offering them a free gift, a special promotion, a discount code, etc. Using the Popfax fax mailing tool you can preview your fax content, add a customizable fax header and even perform a personalized campaign that can increase the confidence of your future customers.
  2. The size of the fax is also strategic. If the fax content is too big, the communication is longer and you will be billed more. In order to save you money and your recipients paper and toner (in case they still use traditional fax machines) Popfax estimates the transmission time of your fax content. Besides that, an assistant can help you optimize the content to reduce its size.
  3. Scheduling is critical to making your campaign focused and effective. Thus, the delivery schedule must match the time frame of the recipient’s activity. Avoid, for example, sending a fax to a restaurant between 10 am and 3 pm, because your document may be discarded without being read. Or, for instance, avoid scheduling your fax mailing on Saturday or Sunday if your targets are banks.
  4. For any type of marketing campaign, identification of the company should be easy. Pay attention to the logo! Because of poor quality printing, the fax may become unreadable. If your fax has more images than text, you can improve the readability of your fax by using the « Grey and colors dithering » option provided to fax mailers. If your document has more text, you can choose the « Black & white thresholding » option.
  5. Define Your Audience and Segment. Targeting the individuals who are interested in your products and services also increases the effectiveness of your campaign. For this, Popfax supplies you with free-to-use fax number databases, grouped by country, city, department, activity, etc., which can be used right away or exported in an encrypted format for use later.
  6. Faxes are more intrusive than e-mail and may consume paper and ink. Therefore, items have a direct financial impact on your destination, especially if it is an SME, an artisan or an independent professional. A too unfocused mailing could have a negative impact on the image of your company and encounter problems with the junk fax law. We advise you to use our blacklisting and unsubscribing tool (, which will allow you to stay compliant with the legislation and to manage as many blacklists as needed for your fax mailing campaigns.

A successful fax campaign is easily affordable via the Popfax fax mailing offer and will result in a number of benefits for your company. In a few hours, a campaign can be created and sent, and you completely control when the recipient receives your marketing message.


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